To make the chess club a great experience for all participants, we have set up the following expectations. Please read them carefully to your child or observe them yourself, so that everyone is aware of the importance and necessity of these expectations.

Expected Behavior

It is our intention to ensure that all students have a fun, enjoyable experience with chess. We are dedicated to providing a fun environment for the kids to learn and play chess. In order for everyone to have fun, students are expected to maintain reasonable standards of discipline and respect for their teachers and fellow peers. Disruptive behavior can include a plethora of things and need not be listed here.

Good sportsmanship is an important part of chess. At the professional and amateur levels, chess players always shake hands after a game, no matter the outcome, and exchange the words “good game”. This is a meaningful part of the game. Chess promotes a learning atmosphere where everyone should be encouraged to do their best. Gloating and name-calling are not part of the ChessKidz way. We have a zero tolerance policy. If behavior is not quickly modified after a warning, we move on to the steps listed below.

If there is a case of serious discipline problems, our policy is to first speak with the student about the problem. If it continues, the next step is to speak with the parents. The second to last step would be to have the child attend only if supervised by a parent for several classes. The final step would be to inform the parents and the student that he/she is no longer welcome at the chess club and may see a possible future ban of sessions enforced. Our instructors have been teaching for a very long time and in our experience, we have never had to ban a student from the club. However, this may be the result of such situations.


It is always a great idea to have a cold snack and a drink that your child can have during the start of chess club. This helps to get the brain moving again after a long day of school! Snacks are allowed only during the lesson time available which is usually up to 30 minutes of our total time in the club. Snacks are only allowed for classes that are held in areas in which the school allows snacks. If the club is held in the library, students are responsible for snacking right before the class. Each of our programs allow five minutes for the student to arrive to class on time and this time can be used to munch something down before entering the library.

Parent Expectations

ChessKidz instructors and coaches are unique people who are geared to take the enjoyable topic of chess to the next level by adding to the excitement and passion we find in the game. Our lessons are designed for the age ranges of the students who are expected to attend the class after the registration process has completed for the session. During the actual lesson, parents and volunteers can disrupt the flow of the learning process either actively or simply by being in attendance, so we ask that we have only our registered students within earshot of the lesson.

Each instructor or coach gives a presentation style lesson on a large display board where they carry out the moves of a game or idea and students will grasp what they can from what they see and hear. We are able to present many creative ideas that inspire the children to think regardless of what level they play or how smart they believe they are. Each student is different in regards to the learning process so we strive to present many ideas and allow discussion for everyone.

Therefore parents are politely discouraged from attendance of regular after school chess simply because having ones parent in the class will affect the thinking process, participation and outlook a student has on the topic. However, we do encourage parents to play chess with their children, help them further their chess studies and develop some skills for themselves! We can make special arrangements in advance if we are aware of parents who want to be in active attendance of the lesson. Parents who are interested in this need to contact our administrator to inform him or her of their interest and submit a registration and payment for themselves to attend the class lesson. Parents and volunteers are always welcome during play time (last half).

Parents and Volunteers

Sometimes parents and past students are well informed, knowledgeable in chess and want to help out at the chess clubs. We welcome your help during the play time or final portion of the class hour. You will need to check in with the school office staff and meet all of their volunteer requirements as specified by the school or school district. However, only active paid registrants who are on our rollsheet may attend the actual chess lesson during the first half of the scheduled class hour.

Pick-up Expectations

Your child should be picked up promptly at the end of the club. If you expect that you will be late to pick up your child, please make necessary arrangements with a friend or family member to pick up your child. Please be respectful to the instructors and volunteers. We all lead busy lives. We cannot and should not expect instructors or volunteers to wait.

In the past we had a few parents who picked up their child late at the end of the class. Per our policy, we cannot just leave the children at the school sites by themselves. Instructors need to supervise them at all times. The late pick up has really inconvenienced coaches and instructors in the past so the following late pick up policy is enforced at all schools with no exceptions:

Picking up a child after chess club, camp or tournament

01-05 mins: no charge
06-20 mins: $15 extra charge
20-30 mins: $25 extra charge
30-60 mins: $45 extra charge

Instructors simply make a note on their rollsheet and submit the notice during their weekly check-in. The administrator makes a follow up in each and every instance of a late pick-up extra charge. A late pick-up extra charge must be paid if requested and may prevent a student from attending any further classes, sessions or tournaments until the payment issue is resolved. It may also be subtracted from any refund request that would result from any registrant who refuses to pay the late pick-up extra charge.

Expected Attendance

Students are expected to be on time for class meetings and ready to learn. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive to each class on time and on scheduled days. Students are encouraged to ask questions about the lessons or schedules. Complaints, criticisms and suggestions can be asked either personally or anonymously. If a class must be missed, there are no repercussions with the exception that the class has been paid for and missed classes are non-refundable. Parents: please keep a copy of the top half of the flyer to have a copy of the schedule for the session handy.

Late Entry Expectations

Late signups are only accepted if there is still room available for the student to participate. However, we do not generally accept a student after the second class. Signing up for one day or half the session is not an option. We always have future sessions available, so disrupting the learning flow of a class would make no sense and would not benefit either the student or the class and does cause a disturbance in the flow of class for the instructor. The late fee of $15 applies to anyone who registers after the “Submit Before” date at the bottom of the flyer. Our administrators are available to process rollsheets before and during these dates, not after. The $15 fee pays for the administrator’s return to update late entries into the current class rollsheet. The administrator makes a follow up in each and every instance of a late fee charge. A late entry fee must be paid if requested and may prevent a student from attending any further classes, sessions or tournaments until the payment issue is resolved. It may also be subtracted from any refund request that would result from any registrant who refuses to pay the late fee.


Students are asked to sign up for entire sessions without arbitrarily selecting dates that only suit personal schedules. Our sessions are developed to produce a learning consistency that we adhere to for its effectiveness with the majority of students and classes. The full session cost is that which is stated on the session flyer registration form. There are no pro-rations to our classes; each is a full session. The instructor is following a set curriculum from week to week.


1. In order to obtain a refund you must contact our office by phone, mail or email. A Refund Request Form is filled out in order to start processing the request. The slowest way to process a refund request is to leave a message on our voicemail.

2. Refunds are not issued after a session has ended. You must obtain refund approval prior to the second class of the session. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing refunds.

3. Refunds are not issued due to a student’s absence. The student and/or parent are responsible for keeping track of session dates stated on the flyer. We recommend you to keep the top half of the flyer. Please see the attendance expectations for more details.

4. 50% refund is available after the first class, 0% refund after second class of the session

5. Occasionally we are forced to cancel sessions due to low enrollment when sessions do not meet the minimum number of students needed to host the session. The session cancellation is known before the first class of the session because everyone is expected to sign up by the “Submit Before” date at the bottom of the registration flyer. Low enrollment is visible on our rollsheet. This adds to the importance of signing up on time so we are able to clearly cancel a low enrollment session before the first day of class. These cancelled sessions receive a full 100% refund unless a class was attended and an instructor was present for a lesson. We need to compensate our instructors for their time and this particular situation can create a partial refund situation. Our admin will explain.

6. Registration saves your space, possibly at the expense of someone else. So, cancellations are discouraged. However, cancellations will be honored if requested by the “Submit Before” date at the bottom of the registration flyer. Cancellations meeting that requirement receive a 75% refund. Cancellation requests received after the “Submit Before” date but before the second class of the session receive a 50% refund or credit of paid fees towards future camps, after-school programs or tournaments. Cancellation requests received on or after the second day of class are not entitled to any refund/credit.

Refund Requests

Please click on the above Refund Request button to download a copy for printing or submission.