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Bring Chess to Life

Chess can bring excellent benefits to your school. Researchers from around the world have revealed that chess helps children improve critical thinking and problem solving skills. Higher math and reading test scores among chess playing children is the most significant benefit. The list goes on and on.

Here is your chance to bring something truly unique to your school! ChessKidz can bring the game of chess to children in a fun and exciting way using songs, stories and dances. This wonderful learning experience not only teaches children to play chess now, but also prepares them for life later by enhancing their critical thinking skills, mental discipline, problem solving and self-esteem.

We make chess cool

A chess lesson consists of a 30 minute lesson taught by a dynamic ChessKidz instructor. A two-dimensional demonstration board aids in our presentation style lessons. Lessons are followed by 30 minutes of playtime on a tournament set that we provide for each child. The instructors supervise the players and often play multiple games against students at once, sometimes blindfolded!

We can start the chess program at your school by offering a free instruction to the whole student body or by starting with an After-School club. Instructing the whole student body requires a two to three week schedule in which the instructor would visit each class. We would teach the basics of chess to students in their own classroom! The lessons include piece movement, check and mate, draws, and sometimes the scholars checkmate and fools checkmate. Once the presentation is over and the entire student body has learned the basics, we then offer our After-School club as an enrichment program.

The After-School program is a low cost fee based program paid for by the parents of those who wish to join the chess session. Students enrolled will receive more chess instruction, exclusive chess booklets, worksheets, and compete for various prizes including certificates, medals, key chains and even chess sets! Competitive chess tournaments are scheduled once a year and students can play for real chess trophies. All lesson plans are designed to meet the needs of all levels of chess students.

Getting Started at Your School

If you decide to have the free classes and enrichment course program at your school, use the School Signup sheet below to sign up! Fill out the times in the top boxes, the day of the week and dates in the side boxes, and the classes to visit with teacher name, grade and room number in the large boxes. Make sure to contact our office to submit the signup for your school. We are happy to provide this free service to establish a relationship with your school and community.

School Signup Signup Sample

Please help us promote chess in the schools. Chess has many benefits and it is not as hard to get started as you may think. We are willing to do PTA meetings and staff meetings to introduce our teaching style to the staff and parents. We can also schedule a sit down meeting with you to explain how the program works and discuss any concerns you may have for your school.

Does your school have a chess club? If not, you are missing out on quite a bit. Give us a call or signup below so we can schedule your school for chess. We are very flexible. Give it a try!

Start with an after school program

ChessKidz would like to ask for your help in providing the after school chess program. We are in need of classrooms to be able to instruct the children in a traditional classroom setting. There are some perks to allowing us to use your room:

• A chess set is donated to each after school room volunteer
• The room is only needed 1 – 1.5 hours once per week
• Teachers are welcome to stay during the class and lesson
• Classrooms will be left neater than they were found!


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