Private Lessons

Chess instructors and coaches at ChessKidz are available for private lessons. Simply ask them about it!

Here are some details to help you familiarize yourself with what a private lesson entails:

Lessons are one-on-one instruction with a personalized plan to gain chess achievements. Some students hope to win tournaments and maybe even a championship. Other students may be striving for a title such as “Chess Master” or “Grand Master”. Some people may just want to have a better understanding of the game they love. One of the fastest ways to gain these achievements quickly is to have a good chess coach. This means signing up for some kind of tutoring.

How can private lessons help? Take it from a World Champion of Chess “The student can learn more in ten hours of properly tutored instruction than in 10 years of trial and error” Dr Emanuel Lasker.

The very first step of a good chess coach is to find a players strengths and weaknesses in particular areas of play. From here that personalized plan is developed to show a player how to maximize their results in games by understanding how a strength can restrict an opponent and how to look for weaknesses in an opponents game. Strengths grow stronger from real understanding of what we excel at and our own weaknesses grow stronger or are avoided because we are aware of them.

What is the going rate for something like that? Well titled players (National Masters, International Masters, Grand Masters, even experts) for instance may charge $100, $150 or much higher for each instructional hour depending on their credentials and teaching experience. It is a bit like Tiger Woods spending his time to instruct new golfers on how to perfect their swing. ChessKidz coaches are well versed in the game and capable of instructing students and though some may not be titled players, hold the ability to transfer that needed missing information to an attentive student.

One of the goals for a coach should be to motivate the student in their ability to learn from their own games on their own. The end result should be the ability to analyze ones own games, pace oneself in learning and prepare for tournaments or important games. There are hundreds of books, software and methods for self improvement. Someday the student may earn a very deep knowledge and understanding of the game through study on their own. In the meantime, a chess coach can provide the following benefits:

Moral support at events
Focus before and after games
Goal setting to gain achievements
Analysis of games, strengths and weaknesses
Development of skills through patterns and repetition

The following chess coaches have created a profile on as well as and offer private lessons:

Vernon Young

Rating: FIDE (World ranking) 2045
Lessions: 1hr lesson per week. Contact for rates and information

Gabby Arenas

Rating: (Philippines national ranking) 2000+
Lessions: Contact for availability and structure

Ilya Arbatman

Rating: Currently unrated
Lessions: The basics for children. Contact for info