Through our Founders’ love of chess and commitment to giving children of all ages and backgrounds a safe and meaningful outlet, ChessKidz was developed as an after-school enrichment program. Creating after-school clubs was only the first big step in the goal to create a constructive space where children would explore chess. Now expanded classes and events make it possible for kids to study and experience chess more fully in a supportive and inspiring environment where a spirit of inclusiveness and good sportsmanship is fostered.

It is a space where an opponent is not an enemy, but an abundant source of wisdom teaching the child to observe and apply new ideas to successive games by the meticulous practice of play. Gradually, they gain skills that they can employ against new opponents as they learn different strategies; this process builds a body of knowledge and intuition that can also be effectively applied to many other areas and circumstances of every day life.

We strive to provide the tools that empower children and build their inner confidence so that they feel secure in identifying and solving complex problems both in chess, and those that we are all unavoidably faced with at some point in the course of our lives. We want to create a sense of excitement in calculating solutions to problems so that children won’t fear them, but instead anticipate and creatively resolve them.

Please visit us often for updates on our services, tournaments and other events. Help us continue to realize our goals in the communities that we serve.

If you are interested in helping us bring chess to more underprivileged children in the community to fulfill our mission, please consider making a donation or sponsoring a child.

ChessKidz is a 501(c)3 Organization 20-3299525